Saving the Best for Last | The Enemies of Versailles by Sally Christie

Pardon me. I'm just feeling a bit emotional right now. I've officially finished the Mistresses of Versailles series by Sally Christie. Now when book bloggers write discussion posts about series, I can brag that I've read THREE series from start to finish and then offer my opinion on whatever it is they're really writing about. [...]

Four Reasons Why You Should Read the Mistresses of Versailles Series by Sally Christie

If you've read Books & Tea longer than a minute, you will know two things: I'm worse than you at reading series. Unless you are a non-reader; then I suppose you are worse by default. (Seriously though. I'm really bad.) Despite my lack of follow through with book series, I'm obsessed with the Mistresses of Versailles [...]

Four Reasons Why I Would Never Want to Live During the 1800s| Madame Presidentess by Nicole Evelina

Have you ever been asked the question, "If you could go back in time and live, which year/decade/century would you choose"? After reading Madame Presidentess by Nicole Evelina, I can, with certainty, tell you that I wouldn't want to live in America during the 1850s and 1880s. Madame Presidentess by Nicole Evelina Released: July 2016 Publisher: [...]

The World Needs a New Period Drama, and it Needs to be The Girl Who Fought Napoleon by Linda Lafferty

The world seems to be enamored with period dramas that take place in the U.K., like Downton Abbey, the Tudors, and the White Queen. There is actually an entire website dedicated to Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian period dramas called Willow and Thatch. Truly, with the exception of the Borgias, I cannot think of a period [...]

This Story Features a Master Ninja Ronin Detective, Which is Pretty Awesome| the Ninja’s Daughter by Susan Spann

When I was offered the opportunity to read the Ninja's Daughter by Susan Spann, I jumped on it. From what I could tell, the novel featured two subjects that I was interested obsessed with: mysteries and Japanese history. Yet, the longer this novel sat on the corner of my dining room table, the more reluctant [...]

Girl Power! And Other Renegade Ideas | Rebel Sisters by Marita Conlon-McKenna

Upon finishing Rebel Sisters by Marita Conlon-McKenna, I was filled with regret that I didn't pay better attention in the British Literature class I took my sophomore year of college. The class surveyed Romantic, Victorian, and Modern literature. I happily devoured Romantic literature, which was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution and Age of Enlightenment, [...]

The Book that Made Me Blush Even More | The Rivals of Versailles by Sally Christie

How do you go about writing a review for a book that is about one of the most influential women of the 18th century? do you go about writing an entire book about one of the most influential women of the 18th century? I am talking about Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, more commonly known as [...]

Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick #Review

Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick Released: May, 2012 Publisher: Balzer + Bray Add to Goodreads ★★★☆☆ Synopsis: Based on the true story of Cambodian advocate Arn Chorn-Pond, and authentically told from his point of view as a young boy, this is an achingly raw and powerful historical novel about a child of war who [...]