Where Have I Been?

I have been a very bad blogger these past few months, but gosh! the end of the year has been a whirlwind-- Nay! A tornado! I could express my dismay for neglecting my blog, but who wants to read about that? Here is the juicy stuff: Jackie & Jon Get Hitched! Remember back in January [...]

Summer Mornings with Pique Tea

This morning was a get-up-and-go kind of morning. A who-has-time-to-let-the-coffee-brew kind of morning. A it's-too-hot-for-coffee-anyway kind of morning. So I grabbed my Harry Potter travel mug, brewed myself some iced English Breakfast tea from Pique Tea (in a matter of seconds, mind you), selected a summertime read, and set out to find the perfect reading [...]

Blackberry Hand Pies and Engagements

I have an announcement! I baked some semi-homemade, blackberry hand pies, and they were delicious. Also, I'm engaged! Honestly, I've stared at this blank space for far too long, trying to think of what words to follow "Also, I'm engaged!" It's a challenge because I have no romantic engagement story to tell. We didn't steal [...]