Teaview: Earl Grey part II

I’m going to admit something that will make me seem uncultured (like that time I admitted to wondering why Thanksgiving was never celebrated in Harry Potter).  I thought Earl Grey tea was named after a man named Earl– Earl Grey.  It’s not!  “Earl” was actually a title used to show ranks of nobility in the United Kingdom.  The Earl Grey blend was named after the 2nd Earl Grey whose first name is actually Charles.  He served as British Prime minister in the 1830s.  Supposedly, the black tea and bergamot oil were blended specifically for him.  That’s the end of my history lesson.  On to more pressing matters– like a review of Teavana’s Earl Grey tea.

I had high hopes for Teavana’s Earl Grey tea.  When the sales lady fanned the delightful scent of black tea and citrus in my direction, I practically began to salivate.  I thought, “This could be it!  This could be the Earl Grey I have been waiting for.”  However, after I returned home and brewed a cuppa, I discovered Teavana’s Earl Grey tea did not live up to my expectations.  That’s not to say the brew was bad.  It’s just the fragrant, citrus scent that wafted in front of my nose was indecipherable in taste.

The one upside to this tea is the price– it’s inexpensive.  I think I spent about six dollars on enough tea to make nearly 60 cups.  When I first began drinking Teavana’s Earl Grey, I thought I’d eventually return to the store to buy more.  If anything, it’s a cheap way to get a caffeine fix.  But, overtime I decided I’d rather continue on my journey to find that Earl Grey that is just right even if it is just a bit pricier.

Bottom Line, would I turn away a cuppa if someone offered it to me?  No.  But, I would rather spend my money on another brand’s blend of Earl Grey.

If you are fond of Earl Grey, is there a brand you prefer?  So far, I’ve only really enjoyed the blend created by Twinnings!


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Twenty-something. Michigander. Bookkeeper by day, superhero and blogger by night. Some of my favorite things include: travel, the Japanese language, photography, video games, sweater-weather, and of course books and tea. The Harry Potter books are my favorite, and I can never have too much peppermint tea.

2 thoughts on “Teaview: Earl Grey part II

  1. Earl Grey is not my favorite kind of tea but I do enjoy it occasionally, and I’ve tried a lot of them if only because it’s such a popular style. I run RateTea.net, an interactive site for tea ratings and reviews…and we have a pretty massive category for Earl Grey reviews, with 140 different teas listed.

    I’m not sure if you’ll find my tastes to be the same as yours, but I’ve reviewed 19 different Earl Grey teas on the site. My personal favorites among loose-leaf teas are Caykur’s Earl Grey, a tea from Turkey, extraordinarily inexpensive (under $4 for 125g, enough for about 50 cups) for a very mild, smooth Earl Grey, with little bitterness…and Teatulia’s “Earl of Bengal”, a Bangladesh-grown tea in the same style. It’s a more classic English-style Earl Grey with good strength.

    These are a bit esoteric though. A more mainstream one, available in tea bags, is Numi’s Aged Earl Grey; it’s my favorite Earl Grey in tea bags, and it also tends on the stronger style.

    BTW, I was born in Michigan, in Ann Arbor…although I moved from there when I was very young.


    1. Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I’ll definately have try some of these. And thanks for turning me on to ratetea.net! I’ve struggled to find decent tea rating communities on the web, but I think this will be a great resource for my exploration into the world of tea.

      Yay Michigan! I’m always excited to hear who lives or who has lived in this state. I only live about 45 minutes away from your birthplace!


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