Teaview: The Best Part of Waking Up is Maté in My Cup

Let me tell you about Teavana’s My Morning Maté.  It’s no coincidence that it sounds similar to another morning favorite–the latté!  Well, actually, it is probably a coincidence.  And, I think the accent over the “E” is an American thing so we don’t confuse it with the word “mate”.  I think “maté” in Spanish actually has something to do with killing, but I digress.

My Morning Maté is the perfect cuppa’ tea to help coffee drinkers curb their addiction.  It has three different xanthine alkaloids– that’s the family caffeine belongs to, so it definitely has the power to wake someone up; however, unlike coffee, this tea affects muscle tissue as opposed to the central nervous system.  That means, I can drink three cups of Maté and not start shaking as though I’d just consumed only two cups of Coffee Americano brewed in Spain…(true story, that stuff is strong).

My Morning Maté tastes less like the traditional cup of tea and more like…well, coffee, without the bitterness!  The blend contains Mate tea, Rooibos tea, black tea, cocoa kernels, carob bits, chocolate chips, orange peels, almonds, cactus blossoms, coriander, pistachio nuts, cracknel bits, red pepper, cornflowers, safflowers, and sunflower petals.  Are you drooling yet?

It has a nutty flavor, and initially this made me nervous.  I don’t actually like nuts, but they weren’t overwhelming in this cuppa.  I’d say they were actually pleasant.  And the addition of chocolate is not lost on my taste buds.  I’d like to play around with this tea, which is not something I often do.  When it comes to both tea and coffee, I refuse to add milk or sugar.  But, I think a dribble of honey or some rock sugar would make this tea even better.

Bottom Line:  Gimmie!  Gimmie!  Gimmie!  This stuff is great.  I could easily see coffee drinkers dropping one addiction and replacing it with another.  My next favorite thing to do with this tea besides drinking it is letting my nose hover above the mug so I can better appreciate the delicious aroma.


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Twenty-something. Michigander. Bookkeeper by day, superhero and blogger by night. Some of my favorite things include: travel, the Japanese language, photography, video games, sweater-weather, and of course books and tea. The Harry Potter books are my favorite, and I can never have too much peppermint tea.

One thought on “Teaview: The Best Part of Waking Up is Maté in My Cup

  1. I’ve heard of maté before but always thought of it as some sort of weird tea – not exactly something for me. This sounds so good though…I’m gonna have to check it out when I’m back in the States.


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