Teaview: I Love Oolong Time.

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I would like to take this time to apologize to Oolong tea.  I’m sorry I said you tasted like a mix of grass, moss, wet tree bark, and mud.  I was wrong.  Really wrong.  But, can you really blame me when the only Oolong tea I had the misfortune to taste was from a tea bag?  But you, Six Summits Oolong from Teavana, have opened my eyes.

If any of you, dear readers, have ever felt the same about Oolong tea– that it tasted like a mouthful of wet earth, then I suggest to you try Teavana’s Six Summits Oolong tea.  It will change your mind about Oolong.  Six Summits Oolong is a combination of Oolong tea and dried raspberries (why are there strawberries in this picture?).

The scent of the dried tea is pleasant.  Actually, the way I’m about to describe it is kind of odd.  But, believe me, pleasant none-the-less.  It smells like a combination of dried catnip and red fruit roll-ups, folks.  It’s earthy, but the raspberries lend a certain sweetness to the scent.

The Oolong flavor was good.  I think my taste buds appreciated the quality of this Oolong tea more than the bagged tea that I had tried a few years prior.  Initially, I couldn’t taste the raspberries, but they did create a pleasant aftertaste though–sweet and slightly tart, just like a raspberry should taste!

Bottom Line:  I received this as a Christmas present from my father.  Of all the teas he gave to me, this was the one I was most hesitant to try, so naturally I tried it first.  I’m glad I did!  Would I purchase this tea in the future?  Yea, probably.  But, more importantly, it opened my eyes that Oolong could actually taste good.  Better than good!  I’m more inclined to try out other Oolong teas in the future.

Another thing I feel is noteworthy is Teavana certainly does not cheat you out of red raspberries.  They were plentiful!  And I’m not talking raspberry crumbles either.  I’m talking whole. big. red raspberries.  And, I may or may not have popped one or two into my mouth before steeping…


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