Just My Cup of Tea: Party Animals

I have a job interview tomorrow, which reminds me that I’ve been slacking off on finding my designated tea mug!  From Just My Cup of Tea post, the Retro Qwerty Mug seemed to be most popular.

Now it is on to round two!  Which of the following mugs should I consider for my designated tea mug?

1. The Birds on the Wire mug suggests…erm, I’ve got nothing.  All I can think about is the movie birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

2. The Bee Mug says I’m the bee’s knees!  Har har har! It’s true though.

3. I hope the Colorful Sheep Mug won’t imply I’m a follower; instead, I hope it suggests I have a wonderful taste in cozy sweaters!

4. The Elusive Badger mug says I’m from Wisconsin!  I’m not. But I do know people who live in Wisconsin.

5. The Designer Cat Tea Cup might suggest I’m a crazy cat lady.  I’m okay with that because it’s not far from the truth!

Help me pick a finalist from this bunch of animal mugs!  Which if these mugs is full of win?  Alternatively, do you have a tea cup or coffee mug featuring an animal?  Tell me about it!



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Michigander. Bookkeeper by day; blogger by night. Some of my favorite things include: travel, photography, video games, sweater-weather, reading, and tea. The Harry Potter books are my favorite, and I can never have too much peppermint tea.

6 thoughts on “Just My Cup of Tea: Party Animals

  1. Still love the Qwerty mug and it’s hidden face 🙂

    Gotta say though, the colorful sheep mug is about the cutest thing ever. I love all of the different patterns and textures that it offers. It’s pretty easy to spend a few minutes looking at everything. I might have to throw my vote for it!


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