So, this is magical realism? | the Wrap-Up List by Steven Arntson

The Wrap Up List Header

I find myself irritated by the goodreads shelf labels associated with the Wrap-up List by Steven Arntson. Which is stupid, I know. I’m not a genre snob, I swear. But… Paranormal Fantasy? Supernatural Fantasy? Really? Okay…sure, I can admit, that part of it is gag reflex; when I hear Paranormal Fantasy I think of Twilight and the million other vampire […]

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For the Loyal: a Harry Potter Fandom Tea

Loyalty House Blend Header

I believe I’ve never sipped a tea more tempting than the For the Loyal tea, a fandom blend by Aun-Juli Riddle, which can be purchased from Adagio Teas. And when I say “tempting”, I mean I could barely resist throwing aside all of my reading obligations just to re (re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re) read the Harry Potter series. […]

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Summer Mornings with Pique Tea

Summer Morning Pique Tea Header

This morning was a get-up-and-go kind of morning. A who-has-time-to-let-the-coffee-brew kind of morning. A it’s-too-hot-for-coffee-anyway kind of morning. So I grabbed my Harry Potter travel mug, brewed myself some iced English Breakfast tea from Pique Tea (in a matter of seconds, mind you), selected a summertime read, and set out to find the perfect reading […]

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A Recent Book Breakup | Soulless by Gail Carriger

Soulless Header

Prior to my Monday review of Little is Left to Tell, my Jon had so lovingly informed me (twice) that the last time I published something on Books & Tea was May 24, which was nearly three weeks ago. First, I didn’t realize he was such a consistent reader of my blog. Second, I blame […]

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How Does a Flying Goat Dance? | Little is Left to Tell by Steven Hendricks

Little is left to tell

I sense that reviews for Little is Left to Tell by Steven Hendricks are going to be…quite polar. There will be readers who grant this novel copious amounts of stars for its beautifully written prose. For being challenging and complex. For being a masterful blend of reality and the surreal. Then, there will be readers […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Read Ms Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

Ms Marvel Generation Why Header

A few years ago, I was invited to volunteer at Trunk or Treat with an old high school buddy of mine. The theme was “Superheroes”, so the gymnasium of her church was crawling with DC and Marvel characters. She was Batgirl, I was Ms Marvel, and there was even a special appearance by Superbaby. But, […]

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Girl Power! And Other Renegade Ideas | Rebel Sisters by Marita Conlon-McKenna

Rebel sisters header

Upon finishing Rebel Sisters by Marita Conlon-McKenna, I was filled with regret that I didn’t pay better attention in the British Literature class I took my sophomore year of college. The class surveyed Romantic, Victorian, and Modern literature. I happily devoured Romantic literature, which was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution and Age of Enlightenment, […]

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Pain au Chocolat for the Mistresses of Versailles

pain au chocolat for the mistresses of versailles

Upon finishing the Rivals of Versailles by Sally Christie, two thoughts crossed my mind: OMG THAT WAS SO GOOD! Crap! I forgot to write down the food that was mentioned throughout the novel for my fictional food post. Perhaps it was for the best because I think I recall reading about some jams or meats […]

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