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Celebrate the Moms in Your Life with Tea Crystals!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably wracking your brain over what to buy her now, when you still haven’t even sent her Christmas present OR her birthday present, though it’s been sitting on your dresser forever. Might I offer a suggestion? How about Pique Tea’s Mother’s Day Box?

For $29, the Mother’s Day Box includes:

  • 2 variety pack cartons of Tea Crystals (which includes their Sencha, Mint Sencha, Jasmine, English Breakfast, and Earl Grey teas)
  • a double walled glass
  • 3 Poco Dolce Chocolates
  • a #1 Mom pin

You don’t even have to go to the post office, so hurry! Go here and send one to your mom!

Now, I realize that my mother is already contemplating writing me out of her will any day now on account of I’m stockpiling her presents in my closet, so I’m hoping to buy a little time by momentarily appealing to her ego…

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The Book that Made Me Blush Even More | The Rivals of Versailles by Sally Christie

How do you go about writing a review for a book that is about one of the most influential women of the 18th century? Wait…how do you go about writing an entire book about one of the most influential women of the 18th century? I am talking about Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, more commonly known as Madame de Pompadour, and Sally Christie has brought her to life in the second installment of her Mistresses of Versailles trilogy, the Rivals of Versailles. Readers, prepare yourself for more inappropriate innuendos!

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Biscuits and Gravy for the Ghoul Getters

The first time I ever tasted biscuits and gravy was at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store near Darien, Georgia (population: 1,700). I was about 13 years old, and I had been enjoying a family vacation with the company of my friend, Lauren. She was less than impressed by my family’s style of vacation; we dragged her through one historical-building-turned-museum after another and stuffed our faces with fudge. (What is it with tourist spots and fudge?) She just wanted to lay out by the warm, sandy water of the Gulf of Mexico that were used to, but all we had was a muddy stretch of the Atlantic. The next stop in our trip was St. Augustine, Florida (one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited), but we sought out breakfast before we hit the road.

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Coconut Tea

Hot and Cold for Coconut Tea

Actually, my feelings about Coconut Tea from Adagio Teas are lukewarm, which coincidentally is the temperature that I preferred this tea. It took experimenting with my entire 8 oz. sample bag of Coconut Tea in one day to figure that out though. It’s not that I dislike the tea, I just felt that Adagio has better flavored teas than this. Or, in other words, on a scale of Valentine’s Day Tea (which I didn’t like) and Lemon Soleil Tea or Caramel Tea (which I’m over the moon about), it falls somewhere in the middle.

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Eight Novels about Spiritualism I Want on my Book Shelf

Every once in a while, I will get so caught up on an idea that I will obsessively research it. The rule of thumb seems to be, the more creepy or disturbing an idea, the longer I obsess over it, and most recently, that idea has been Spiritualism. Spiritualism is simply the belief that spirits of the dead have the desire and ability to communicate with the living. During the mid-nineteenth century to early twentieth-century (a time plagued by war and deaths at the hand of the illness, mind you), people in Europe and North America embraced this idea and flocked to mediums who could communicate with the deceased.

I scrolled through pages and pages of images of Victorian mediums with “ectoplasm” oozing out of them like the photograph above. It was of course a hoax (or was it?). It’s so bizarre to think people back then believed these photographs to be genuine when clearly it’s just muslin draped eerily around them. Then, to my chagrin, I read No Ghouls Allowed by Victoria Laurie which gave a brief nod to these Spiritualists. Now, I cannot get enough of it! Here are a handful of novels involving Spiritualism that have piqued my interest:

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This is What Happens When You Read a Series Too Casually | No Ghouls Allowed by Victoria Laurie

Last year, I read Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls (Ghost Hunter Mystery #5) by Victoria Laurie, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I finished the book in one sitting, which I haven’t done since high school. The pacing was perfect. The spooks were terrifying. The chemistry between main character MJ, and her team member, Heath, was delicious. And the writing was atmospheric. Plus, it helps that the story took place in Ireland. When I picked up No Ghouls Allowed (Ghost Hunter Mystery #9), I thought I was going to be in for another treat and binge-reading session. Unfortunately…I was mistaken.

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Lemon Soleil Tea

Lemon Soleil Tea in One Word: Happiness

Lemon Soleil Tea in a Bunch of Words:

Last weekend it was near 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is generally considered “balmy” this time of year for most northerners. Except it was a soggy and sleety 40 degrees, which somehow changes entirely how 40 degrees actually feels. It tends to seep in through sweaters and jackets and make your body feel heavy and your bones hurt even though it’s not really that cold. Then your body starts to tell you that you need to crawl back in to bed and cozy up next your significant other’s warm, napping body and doze off. Except, I hate sleeping. Truthfully I do because it’s so time consuming. (Does this make me weird?) So, I did the next best thing, which was root around in the box of Adagio Tea that had just been delivered to my apartment for something that would fill me with warmth.

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Life Lately: a Very Productive Weekend

I used to be a person who was opposed to taking time off. Part of me was afraid that management would think I was a slacker for taking a mental health day. Or breaks in general. I was the employee who would literally work 9 hours straight. No fifteen minute rests in the morning or afternoon. No lunch breaks. Part of me was afraid that I would waste paid time off on a vacation on the off-chance I might get really sick and need that PTO. Luckily, my employer provides flu shots free of charge each Autumn, and I always take advantage of the perk. I’ve had two blitzkrieg illnesses since I started working for my current employer, and when I say “blitzkrieg illnesses”, I mean I become violently ill for 24 hours, but I’m back to work the next day feeling better than ever (albeit a little hungrier than usual). But for the past two months, work has been dreadfully slow. And, while I find that I’m incredibly bored, I also find that I’m just feeling unmotivated and really worn out. So, I put in a time off request, and I don’t think I could have planned for a better weekend. Usually, my three-day weekends are a total waste. I usually lounge around in pajamas all day and play video games for more hours than I care to admit. But that was not this weekend. Maybe it was the weather that made me feel so motivated because goodness knows it was pretty much perfect. But, this was perhaps the most productive weekend ever, and somehow it feels…refreshing.

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An Exercise in Positive Thinking

This has been a troublesome week, if only because it had days of the week that ended in “Y”– one of them being a Thursday, which has been a notoriously unlucky day of the week for myself since high school. Usually, I am of the mindset that you make your own luck. But, after two months of unrequited sleep, three unfruitful collection calls, and accidentally punching over my mug of water, which ended up saturating bills that would eventually be sent over to the corporate CFO for approval, I become a victim of superstition. Also, in a fit of insecurity, the day ended in tears, so it became crucial that I take a step back and seek out the positive aspects of the week.
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