Non-required reading for non-readers

Weekend Question is a meme created by Liz @ Cleverly Inked

Is there one book that you could recommend to a non-reader that it might convert them?

|The first book that popped into my mind is the Best American Non-Required Reading from 2007.  It’s the first of the series that I bought, and I thought it was amazing.  This book is good for non-readers because it has a bit of everything, and I suspect something will catch their eye.  The pieces in the book were also chosen by a committee of teenagers, so the material ranges from humorous to thought-provoking but never stuffy like required reading for high school.

It starts out with new (and kind of strange) band names.  Then there are words that were recently added to the dictionary.  Then bam!  A comic!  Followed by some finely written short stories.  Some non-fiction essays.  Some blog entires.  Some screenplays.  I think there is even a graduation speech delivered by Stephen Colbert in this one.

The best thing about this series is it doesn’t have to be read in order like the ordinary book.  Feel like reading a short story then feel like returning to the comic at the beginning of the book?  Do it!


Weekend Question

Are you a moody reader? For example do you tend to lean toward a certain type of book but get turned off or burned out by the genre and flip to another? Or lets say you are a reviewer… Do you think if you are in a mood for a different genre then the book you are reading would it affect your review?

I don’t know if I would consider myself a moody reader or not.  Of course there are times where I don’t want to touch a specific genre that I typically love.  I guess that would be based off of my mood.  I may not want to read a contemporary YA romance novel because I’m in the mood for something much more dysfunctional, like a dystopian novel.

But, I don’t let this affect my opinion of a novel.  Instead, I may just read the novel at a much slower pace instead of just gobbling up a book of a genre I might prefer at the time.

Why do I keep comparing books to food?

Anyway, what about you?  Are you a moody reader?  Does it affect they way you read books or your opinion of books?

*Weekend question is a weekly meme created by Cleverly Inked.