The Telling Tales Challenge 2012

An Armchair By the Sea is hosting the Telling Tales Challenge.

The goal is to read books based around things to do with mythology, fairytales, legends and folklore. The challenge allows you to choose a category of books to read as well as a goal to meet (number of books to read). For this challenge, I will choose the “mix n’ match” category so I’m not just limited to classic tales or twisted re-tellings.

These are the levels:
Level 1: Read 5 books
Level 2: Read 10 books
Level 3: Read 15 books
Level 4: Read 20 books
Level 5: Read 25 books

My goal is to reach Level 2, which means I have to read at least 10 books revolving around fairy tales.

Here are the books that count toward this challenge. Click the links to read my reviews.

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