A Non-fiction, Non-memoir Reading Challenge

My Book Retreat is hosting the Non-fiction, Non-memoir Reading Challenge. The rules are as follows:

What Counts:
– Books can be any format (bound, ebook, audio) but must be written for adults or young adults.
– Books can cover many different topics, including science, technology, religion, sociology, business, biography, politics, economics, history, food, art/design, etc.
– How-to, self-help and travel books are permitted, as long as you actual read them cover to cover, and don’t just use them as a reference.
– Crossovers with other challenges are permitted.

What Does Not Count:
– Reference books, cookbooks and instruction manuals that are not meant to be read cover to cover
– Essays and articles
– How-to, self-help or travel books that are not read cover to cover
– Memoirs, journals and autobiographies
– Books written for children
– Re-reads don’t count since the point is to learn something new

Elementary – 5 nonfiction books
Diploma – 10 nonfiction books
Bachelor’s Degree – 15 nonfiction books
Master’s Degree –  25 nonfiction books

My goal is to at least achieve the elementary level.

Here are the books I’ve read that count toward this reading challenge. Click the links to read my reviews.

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